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This page last updated on 3/5/2013 @ 1:34pm BY TMP
This page last updated on 3/5/2013 @ 1:34pm BY TMP
This page last updated on 3/5/2013 @ 1:34pm BY TMP
This page last updated on 3/5/2013 @ 1:34pm BY TMP
This page last updated on 3/5/2013 @ 1:34pm BY TMP

Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2018.

Called To Order: 3:37. 

In Attendance: 
Doug, Jim, Frank, John, Dave, Mike, Bobby, Zack, Bob, Phil, Rich, Bill.
Treasurer's Report: 
$2987.26 -187  

N scale weekend:
 Dave, Bill and Jerry. It is like a bigger Egg Harbor with a lot more vendors. Ohio, Maryland and Pennsylvania clubs will be there. Horseshoe curve open 9 to 6. Can also hear the radio traffic as they are going around. There is also a web cam available. Jerry has it modeled in his cellar.

Greenberg Show:
Aug 11 and 12th. Setup is on Friday the 10th. 26X60 foot entire layout. we should get 3 X 5. We have not heard from Eric. We don't know when we can go in. 5 Dave yard, 3 Frank, Brandenburg, Battleship and the bridge. and 3 of Bill’s modules. We will load on Friday morning @ 7. Johnstown and Shaw. 3 corners. Dave has Brandenburg. We will have a short meeting at the show.

Post meeting note:
See Frank’s email with the most up to date show information.

September Meeting:
No Sept Meeting on the 8th. The Church is busy. Pancake breakfast on the 16th. Setup on the Sat 15th. Meeting will be after the setup. We need all hands on deck for this event. Advertising ideas – Facebook, Train exhibition. Food- $350. pancakes, potatoes, bananas, blueberries, sausages, croissants and bacon. We will have a menu so people can order.

Motion: We will budget $350 for the party. John moved. Bob seconded. The vote was Unanimous.

We will have fliers ready by the show. The price will be $8, $4 under 12, under 5 free. There will not be work session. Set up is at 12 and cleanup session for the layout after that.

Springfield Show:
Sept 30th with rain date Oct 14th. Setup at 6:00 AM. Show starts at 10:00. We have the parking lot. We will have a 2X4 layout. As this show is close to the Union club, It would be a good opportunity for The Union club to hand out information.

Railroaders show at The Pine Creek Railroad:
September 8th and 9th this year. We may want to go next year.

June Somerset 4H Club Show:
We may want to go next year.

World’s Greatest Hobby Show:
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks PA. 1/12-13. Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday 10 to 5. West of King of Prussia. (88 miles from my house).

Greenberg Show:
2/8 and 9. Don't know where, somewhere near Secaucus.

25th anniversary:
Not yet. If we wait until the whether is nice then we can have a tent. We could have a swap meet and a white elephant table for other hobbyists instead of vendors. Outside people will pay for food. Club members would be free. Suggested donations $5 adults - kids free. We would have hot dogs and chips. Any n scaler that brings a module could be included. Need a central point-person. We would have our own food for ourselves and the other club members.

New modules:
Excavator. The idea was to put a module in back of the coal module. if we put it by the quarry corner, the module would have to match the corner. We could put a pneumatic tube with coal to go into a truck and recirculate it. Doug will buy one truck.  

Frank will be available to make modules in September (Zack). Bill will bring modules to make legs. We could also ask Gary to give us extra time. We could add other meetings with just work sessions. October is open. Frank will ask Gary for dates. July 28 and Aug 18 or 25th and one on Oct 20th or 27th for a meeting.

Post meeting note:
See Mike’s email with the most up to date work session information.

We need canvas drop cloths. 

Do we have a PayPal account, or Square account. Discussion about finances. More research will be done on the various accounts.

Jackson hobby shop is having a big sale.

We have the opportunity to have a large layout. It is on Aug 3rd, 4th and 5th. Friday setup, and Sunday tear down. Very nice. It is in the Jaffa Shrine Center.

Tool Box:
20 tools from pliers to tweezers. We could compile a list of tools for members in emails. Some members have tools. We need pliers and a snipping tool. Need connectors for loconet cables.

We don't need boxes and bags. We have the rack.

Web Site:
John will take it over.
Motion: End the meeting at 5:20. John moved. Rich seconded. The vote was Unanimous.